I am amazed to look back the past 7 years and remember how much I’ve been through. Mostly I am just so overwhelmed with gratitude that I didn’t give up, and despite a few really low moments, I didn’t lose hope.

I always knew I would be a mom, somehow, someway, and someday. When Eric and I first got married we decided that kids would be fun… after like 5 years of just being married, soooo we put off the kid conversation and focused on our marriage, schooling, and careers. We had so much fun together but after 4 years, we knew kids were part of the next step and began the conversation, and trying for a baby soon after. It was exciting at first. We had no reason to think it wouldn’t work out just how we had planned. After 6 months of trying, I went to the doctor and told her something just seemed wrong and that I never expected it to take this long. I was already feel lonely and sad as I watched others around me get pregnant quickly. My doctor ran a couple blood tests and everything seemed fine so she told me to come back in 6 more months. With no luck after 6 months we were back and this time we were ready to figure out why we weren’t getting pregnant.

After testing me and Eric both, we were diagnosed with “unexplained infertility” and told we could start fertility treatments if we wanted. We decided to wait it out and keep trying on our own but then that started to weigh on us and caused me to become increasingly depressed. I would spend hours researching what I could do to increase our chances and then I found some couples sharing their story on YouTube. It gave me so much hope to see them succeed and eventually get pregnant either naturally or with fertility treatments.

Most of all, it helped me to not feel so alone knowing that there were others out there that could relate to what I was going through. After cycling through the different levels of fertility treatments, medications, and an IUI, we finally realized that IVF would be our best chance at success. We did a ton of research on it and prepped for a year before we finally jumped in a did our first IVF cycle in January 2018 and after a rollercoaster ride of treatment, emotions, hiccups, and decisions our first frozen embryo transfer was done on August 15th, 2018 and was successful!

We had our daughter, Rey, in May of 2019 and I truly have never experienced such happiness in my life before her. After deciding to do another frozen embryo transfer this year, we found out we were pregnant naturally just a month before our intended transfer. We are completely shocked, excited, and grateful for the chance to experience pregnancy this way but we will always remember the struggle so many face with their own infertility journey. We have two frozen embryos left and we’re not sure what our future holds, but we think about them daily and and will continue to bring awareness and support to the infertility community that has been such a strength to us.

- - Chelsea Hansen