Even though I have spoken about my infertility journey and had many intimate conversations with other women about it, I have never written that story down.

Something about the written word seems heavier than the spoken word... and I still don’t think I’m quite ready.

There are so many things I want to communicate to any woman forced to walk such a difficult road, but most of all I want to communicate that they are not alone.

They are loved.

There is a community of women who will walk, mourn, celebrate, grieve, and struggle with them on every aspect of this journey.

While none of us desire the trials that create this sisterhood, it is a unique bond that can strengthen and encourage you as you continue to march along.

Reach out,

let them in,

help someone else along,

and keep walking.

The reality that this road is difficult and sometimes treacherous, does not prevent it from being beautiful.

-- Xan Barkdull